A modern approach to the marine mammal research – a new smart phone app

Install the Crodolphin app on your smartphone and report your observation about dolphins, whales and Mediterranean monk seals

CROdolpin_little is a smartphone app developed at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine University of Zagreb with the aim to enable you to report a marine mammal observation quickly and easily.

Install on the iPhone -
Install on the Android -

How to use the app?

Please report your marine mammal observation by using the Crodolphin- little app. The app will verify your report with an SMS message to the project team. The data are automatically stored in the database.

Take the following steps to report your observation:

  • exit the demo operation mode*
  • fill in the geographical position
  • estimate the animal number
  • determine the marine mammal species
  • enter the date and hourenter the date and hour

*Once you have installed the app it will work in a demo mode. This mode does not allow you to report the sighting. To do so it is necessary to exit the demo mode in the Settings.


Please enter your personal data into settings. It is not obligatory but it enhances the report reliability. The name of the observer will be listed on the observation list.

Please enter the following data:

  • Name and family name or name of the institution
  • Country
  • Demo working mode off

Show the map

In order to be able to see the map of recorded observations you should be connected to the Internet. Each observation will be shown on the map with a delay of 12 hours due to animal welfare.

Map layers